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GLOMAC Case Management Services provide you with a panel of international repute and experienced ADR practitioners for parties’ consideration. GLOMAC will confirm that the panel provided is available and has no conflict of interest with the parties, and will provide copies of their CVs and information on fee structures, in order to assist the parties in selecting an appropriate and independent ADR practitioner. If the parties cannot agree on the practitioner then GLOMAC in accordance with ADR Act 2010 (Act 798) and GNAAP rules will make the appointment, taking into consideration the information provided to it by the parties, to avoid any deadlock in proceedings.

Once an appointment is made, the ADR practitioner appointed liaises directly with the parties to make appropriate arrangements for the proceedings with the help of a Case Management Executive of GLOMAC.

General Guidelines:
If you have a dispute that requires GLOMAC Case Management Service, you will need to notify GLOMAC in writing with:

1. A Notice of Dispute and a brief statement of key facts and issues (there is no form of Notice required, however it must be clear on the face of the document that it is a notification of a dispute).

Or Walk in;

2. A copy of the dispute resolution clause and/or agreement of the parties to refer the matter to GLOMAC for case administration or lodgment of case;

Filing Fees
Payment of Five Hundred Ghana Cedis GHS500.00 minimum (Including VAT) non-refundable case filing fee depending on the nature of the dispute.

Administration Fees
For each Arbitration, Expert Determination, Mediation and Conciliation, GLOMAC charges an accountable administration fee depending on the nature of the Dispute. The Administrative fee covers case management fee excluding Arbitrator, Mediator and other practitioner’s fee.

Practitioners fee:
Cases of Unknown Value

1. GHS1, 000.00 – GHS5, 000.00

Fee: Between GHS100.00 and GHS1, 000.00

2. GHS5, 001.00 – GHS 10, 000.00

Fee: GHS1, 500.00

2. 10, 001.00 – GHS30, 000.00

Fee: GHS3, 000.00

3. GHS30, 001.00 – GHS50, 000.00

Fee: 15% of the Value

4. GHS50, 001.00 – GHS200, 000.00

Fee: 10% of the Value

5. GHS200, 001.00 and Above

Fee: 5% of the Value

Please Note: All fees and related expenditure except filing fee are the joint responsibility of the disputing parties.