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(1) Notice to a party and the Centre may be by telephone, fax, e-mail, or other mode of electronic communication.

(2) A notice by telephone shall be confirmed in writing but a failure to confirm the notice in writings shall not invalidate proceedings.

Appointment of arbitrator in expedited arbitration
(1) If the claim or counterclaim does not exceed US$100,000 or its cedi equivalent, the Centre shall upon the submission of the dispute by a party appoint a sole arbitrator from the register of arbitrators of the Centre upon the payment of the applicable fee.

(2) Where the claim or counterclaim in issue exceeds US$100,000 or its cedi equivalent; or whatever the claim or subject matter, the parties agree to the resolution of the issue by expedited arbitration procedure, the Centre shall upon the notification under subrule (1) submit to the parties at the same time an identical list of five arbitrators upon payment by the applicant of the prescribed fee.

(3) Where a list is submitted to the parties as provided under subrule (2) each party shall peremptorily strike out two names on the list and number the arbitrators left on the list in order of preference and return the list to the Centre within seven days of receipt of the list.

(4) The Centre shall upon the receipt of the list appoint a single arbitrator from the returned list.

(5) If an arbitrator cannot be appointed from the list, the Centre shall without further reference to the parties appoint an arbitrator from the register.

(6) The Centre shall, whatever the claim to which the expedited procedure is applied, give notice of the appointment of an arbitrator to the parties who shall within three days of receipt of the notice communicate their objection to the appointment, if any, to the Centre.

(7) An objection to an arbitrator by telephone shall be confirmed in writing to the Centre with copies to the other party.

(8) If the appointment of an arbitrator is objected to, the Centre shall decide whether to retain that arbitrator or appoint a new arbitrator.

Date, time and place of hearing
(1) The arbitrator shall determine the date, time and place of hearing.

(2) The hearing shall give notice of the time of hearing to the parties not later than seven days before the hearing date.

(3) Except where the dispute is to be resolved by the submission of documents, the hearing shall be completed within one day.

(4) Where there is sufficient reason for doing so, the arbitrator may schedule an additional hearing to be held within three days of the end of hearing.

Time for award
4. Except the parties otherwise decide, the arbitrator shall make an award within seven days from the close of hearing.