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GLOMAC ADR Services are open to anyone affected by Family or domestic disputes ( maintenance, custody issues, divorce,  property settlement and distribution), Relationship dispute Marital dispute, Parent/child dispute, Commercial dispute, Labour dispute, Landlord/Tenant dispute, Land and boundary dispute, Maritime dispute, Mining dispute and other civil disputes.

We are a professional mediation and arbitration body with the needed expertise to assist our clients.

What if the other party does not seem interested in ADR process?

It is difficult in the heat of a conflict/dispute for both parties to think about trying to negotiate together to get things sorted. It can seem far simpler to try to trigger a legal battle that is ultimately actually going to be far more expensive, more stressful and take much, much longer! But ADR process can only work when both parties agree to attend. If the other party will not initially agree to mediate/arbitrate you can try asking them to check out this website or suggest they contact us directly and ask their own questions about the process. However, one party can initiate the process and our office can contact the other party for mutually acceptable outcome.

Most people are naturally quite anxious before they start ADR process, but the huge majority of those who do go ahead and try it are greatly relieved with much satisfaction and surprised at the way they were able to finally make agreements on things that had previously felt it would be impossible to resolve. We have been doing this for some time now and our success rate is encouraging.

We look forward to serve you in Mediation, Arbitration or other ADR methods with great satisfaction.

We anticipate your coming.

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