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Businesses must have a very simple and straight forward approach to resolving disputes. Disputes that affect business operations and relationships should resolve quickly and efficiently. In the global world of business, this has not always been possible because of the legal and procedural complexities that surround formal conflict resolution as in the case of judicial adjudication or court room trials.

Thus, Judicial Administrators, Legal Practitioners and Members of the business community around the world, have embarked upon reforming dispute resolution processes by introducing less formal and non-adversarial procedures for disputes resolution. These procedures are known collectively as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

In Ghana, the Judicial Service, in 2005 formally incorporated ADR into its adjudication system in order to make access to justice particularly by the business community faster and cost effective. This is given a legal backing under the ADR Act 2010 (Act 798).
The ADR Act 2010 (Act 798) demystifies and decentralizes access to justice, thereby allowing individuals and Institutions such as GLOMAC to assist individuals and corporate organizations to avoid the challenges of going to the courts in order to save cost, protect trade secret, privacy, sustain relationship and business.

GLOMAC therefore exists to provide leadership and expertise in this new way of managing disputes particularly those that can frustrate businesses and the corporate world in order to make doing business in Ghana friendly and rewarding. 

The Establishment of this Centre is a further boost to the practice and the use of ADR in Ghana.